Class of 2019 Testing Timeline

Class of 2019

This class has the option of taking the SAT or the ACT

All colleges accept either SAT or ACT scores for admission.

EDNavigators requires that every student take a full-length practice ACT and/or a full length practice SAT with us before prep sessions begin.  The testing experience and the results will help each student understand the endurance required of each test and determine which test he/she prefers.  It also enables EDNavigators to diagnose issues and make recommendations.  All EDNavigators practice tests are true retired tests. (For students who have taken the PSAT, I like to see those results to help with diagnostics as well. However, it is important to note that score inflation may have been a factor on the PSAT.)

Each student should plan to take the real test of choice 2-3 times after working through EDNavigators preparation sessions.

Many students decide to take both the SAT and the ACT.  These students should plan to take each test 2-3 times after working through EDNavigators preparation sessions.

Practice tests need to be completed before prep sessions begin and Prep sessions should begin at least 6 weeks before the student plans to take the real SAT or ACT. Schedule Practice Tests and/or Prep Sessions Here

For students who want to prep over the summer but test in winter or spring, EDNavigators suggests completing the prep package over the summer then scheduling at least one review/refresh session about two weeks before the desired test date.

SAT and ACT Test Dates for the Class of 2019

correction DEC 2 SAT registration deadline is NOV 2

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Note: It is important to always leave room for the chance that your score will be delayed.  Don’t cut it too close to the college application due date.

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