What is an Independent Educational Consultant?

An Independent Educational Consultant is a student advocate.

IECs are trained to navigate a student’s educational path from kindergarten through career selection. Most IECs are broadly trained in therapeutic education, gifted education, private and boarding school placement, the college admissions process, financial aid planning and athletic recruiting.  Many specialize in a specific niche. While I am comfortable and trained in all areas of educational consulting, my specialty is test prep, private tutoring, personality and learning style assessments, finding “best-fit” schools and guiding the undergraduate college admissions process from creating the initial college list to evaluating acceptance letters.

I differ from the big name franchises in that all tutoring, test-prep and consulting is done by me personally.  It is my vast knowledge of learning, child development, testing strategies and “best-fit” school selection that I share openly with my students and families.  I genuinely care about my student’s future and want guide them towards success and a bright future.

I see my roles as a student, a teacher and a consultant.  I learn about education, schools and my students.  I teach my students everything I know about education and specific schools.  I consult students and families based upon my knowledge of the student, the schools, education, learning styles, personality types, the learning process and child development.

As an IEC I visit colleges often and participate in conferences and online dialogue with college and high school counselors, admissions and administration.  I am committed to staying current on the latest happenings in the world of education and the latest research in child development and learning style adaptations.

Sandy Aprahamian, Independent Educational Consultant, EDNavigators LLC


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