As a private tutor, I teach students according to their specific learning style.  I aim to help the student better understand his or her best learning method.  My goal is to make learning positive and to boost the student’s confidence so that she can approach learning with excitement.

My experience as a classroom teacher and private tutor has provided me access to and success with all types of learners.  Some students have a learning difference involved.  Some just need to have a different teaching/learning method applied.  I have taught students with learning differences and know where to refer students who would benefit from cognitive analysis.  Often the cognitive analysis opens doors to the student that he/she may never have known existed.

My initial tutoring session always involves an individual learning style and personality assessment.  With these results, I can use the tutoring time efficiently and teach to the specific learning style of the student.

All tutoring is offered either in person, virtually through the use of interactive shared screens and a shared full-service whiteboard, or in combination.

Call or email Sandy to schedule the first session.

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