The College Process – How I guide and assist you

The College Process –  How I guide and assist you:

Finding Your “Best-Fit” Place of Higher Education

I LEARN about you:

  • Intake Form

  • Initial Meeting

  • Do What You Are Survey

  • Multiple Intelligences Survey
  • College Match Survey

  • Learning Style Inventory

  • College Culture Quiz

I TEACH you about concepts and options in higher education and discuss pros and cons

  • 2 year, 4 year, vocational, MD, Masters

  • By Type (National, Regional, Research, Masters)

  • By Size

  • By Competitive Category

  • What is Liberal Arts?

  • What are speciality schools?

  • What is the Ivy League?

  • Pros and Cons of location (urban, suburban, rural)

  • Search engine overview

  • Fair Test Schools and how they work

  • Score Choice (different ways scores are interpreted by colleges)

  • GPA – weighted vs unweighted and how different schools interpret GPA’s

I MATCH you with schools that meet your criteria

  • I visit and meet with admission reps from a minimum of 25 schools each year
  • I attend conferences and meetings focused on the current college climate and the latest in the application process/admission trends
  • I have experience navigating and evaluating the perspectives/accuracy of multiple search engines

  • I have worked with hundreds of students to help them find their best-fit in education

I educate students on and help them PLAN application strategies

  • Early Decision

  • Early Action

  • Rolling Admissions

  • Regular

  • What tests to take?


  • Profile

I help students IMPLEMENT application strategies

  • College Application

  • Essays

  • Recommendations

  • Transcripts

I Provide Custom SAT and ACT Test Prep

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