Sample Diagnostic Scoring Report

Within a week of your practice test, you will receive a full five-page detailed diagnostic report of your scores.  This is a great way to see

  • which type of questions you need to work on,
  • when your focus fades during the test,
  • which subjects and specific topics are strong and which ones could use review.

The beauty of this report is that no one sees the results except for you.  Results are not reported to The College Board, your high school or any colleges.  Diagnostic Results are a learning tool for you so that you know where to focus your study efforts.  Below are samples of the ACT and SAT Diagnostic Reports. High School Entrance Exam Diagnostic Reports have a different appearance but include similar details.

ACT Sample Diagnostic Report

ACT Sample Diagnostic Cover
ACT Diagnostic Page 1Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.49.57 AM

Sandy Aprahamian Independent Educational Consultant, EDNavigators (908)803-4071

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