Test Prep

Standardized Test Prep Overview 

I encourage students to face Standardized Tests head on.  Entrance to top schools and merit money begins with GPA and standardized test scores.  It is worth the time and effort to prepare.

There is no magic, quick-fix to mastering standardized testing.  It requires time and dedication, just like anything else in life.  Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  Prepare.

Test anxiety often comes from lack of:

  • familiarity with the test (sections and question types)
  • confidence in abilities
  • comfort with the academic material being tested
  • endurance and speed (working under pressure for an extended period of time)
  • self-knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses

My test prep strategy works to overcome all of these hurdles.  It requires time, dedication and homework on the part of the student.  The more the student puts into it, the more he or she gets out of it.

This is how I prepare students for standardized testing.

  1. Diagnostic Testing – Each student is required to take a practice test before customized tutoring begins. (EDNavigators offers true retired SAT and ACT exams.) For college admissions test-prep, one SAT and one ACT are required before prep begins.
  2. Customized Tutoring Plan:  Once Diagnostic Test scores are analyzed, a customized tutoring plan is established.
  3. Tutoring:  All tutoring is one-on-one.  It includes a complete overview of the format of each test and the types of questions it. Customized tutoring sessions include going over past tests, learning testing strategies and working through weak areas. These sessions can be in person or in a virtual classroom.  Student will have homework between sessions.
  4. More Practice Tests: Additional practice tests are also offered.

Time is Precious – Use it wisely – Feel confident that the time and money that is put into test-prep is truly engaging and worthwhile for the student… group test-prep sessions can waste a student’s time by covering material he or she already knows. EDNavigators offersONLY Custom One-on-One Standardized Test Prep to ensure that time spent is quality time.

Sandy Aprahamian, M.Ed.

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Packages, Pricing and Scheduling Process

Class of 2020 Testing Timeline

Class of 2019 Testing Timeline

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