About EDNavigators

EdNavigators LLC is an independent educational consulting company.

We are different from most educational consultants in that we provide our own standardized test prep in addition to educational and college consulting.

Our sole purpose, as Independent Educational Consultants, is to move our students forward on their personal educational paths.

We work with students to identify and utilize learning strategies that match each student’s unique make-up.

We empower our students to learn about themselves, their goals, their learning style and learning strategies that will lead them to success.

At EdNavigators we are student advocates.

The company is owned and operated by Sandy Aprahamian, M.Ed. who has over 25 years of educational experience in educational development, curriculum design, educational process, diversity in education, options in education and identifying and working with all learning styles.

A note from Sandy:

I believe my role as an Independent Educational Consultant is that of a student a teacher and a counselor. As a student, I learn everything I can about education and everything I can about the students I work with. As a teacher, I teach the families everything I know about education as it applies to their situation. As a counselor, I give my professional advice and guidance with the understanding that the final decision of how to proceed belongs to the student and family.

I believe in educating my clients to the best of my ability so that they are empowered to make their own educational decisions. I am their advocate and I want them to be able to put their head on the pillow at night with the confidence that they made the best education decision for their situation.